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The star of the radio show Fighting for What’s Right, heard Saturday mornings on WYLL, is Chicago personal injury lawyer Barry G. Doyle. Over the course of a legal career now spanning more than 24 years, Mr. Doyle has exclusively represented the victims of accidents and their families in complex personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits. He has never represented insurance companies – and never will.

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Straight Talk and Clear Answers on the Law

Fighting for What’s Right is a radio show sponsored by the Law Offices of Barry G. Doyle, P.C. with offices located in Chicago and Orland Park.

No one plans to be in an accident – and as a result are badly unprepared for what follows. Insurance companies, on the other hand, are built to handle the aftermath of an accident where someone is injured or killed.

Most people are inclined to trust insurance companies. After all they have spent millions if not billions of dollars over the years to build themselves up in the minds of the public as the good hands people or being like a good neighbor. Sadly, many accident victims do not realize that they are also a tough, resource-rich foe when they make a claim. By the time that they realize the situation they are truly in, they have often made mistakes trying to represent themselves which can cost them months of delay and thousands of dollars.

Not every accident requires the help of a lawyer, much less the filing of an actual lawsuit. Fighting for What’s Right delivers on two core concepts:

  • Helping the public at large understand which cases really call for the help of a lawyer … where you SHOULD be getting a lawyer, not just the ones where you have to hire a lawyer; and
  • Helping the accident victims understand just what is happening when the claim process is going on before they hire a lawyer so that they can properly protect their rights if they decide to proceed without a lawyer.

To that end, we are proud to make our Show Archives available here so that you can hear what we have said during prior shows on this. We also offer a Resource Center where we offer books written by attorney Barry Doyle and free reports, all of which are available for immediate download for your use or to share with someone who could use the information we offer free of charge.

We are available to assist accident victims throughout the State of Illinois and offer referrals to well-qualified lawyers in other states. The initial consultation is free and there are no fees or costs unless we recover a settlement or verdict for you.

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