Support for Our Built to Fail Report

We are not the only ones who think that the way that the nursing home industry handles its money has a negative impact on patient care.

It’s something that we discuss in great detail in a report called Built to Fail which is available for free download in the Resource Center. The upshot of the report: that nursing homes are one of the few explicitly for-profit sectors in the health care industry and with its revenue potential being relatively limited, facilities take in more and more truly sick residents and try to take care of them with less and less resources, especially staff. The net result: injuries and deaths for nursing home residents.

It’s a grim view of the industry, but one that is shared by prominent observers of the industry and one that is backed by a number of investigative pieces from large newspapers around the country.

The Center for Medicare Advocacy and the Long Term Care Community Coalition issued a report recently confirming what we have been saying about how nursing homes are operated and what we have seen in the many nursing home abuse and neglect cases we have handled over the years.