What does underinsured motorist coverage do for me?

When you buy “full coverage” for your car insurance, one type of coverage you get is called underinsured motorist coverage. Underinsured motorist coverage is an important coverage to have available to you when you get into a serious car accident. Without underinsured motorist coverage, when you get involved in a serious car accident, your recovery will as a practical matter … Read More

Good neighbors shovel their walks

People who know a little bit (emphasis on “little”) about the law on falls on snow and ice believe that from a liability standpoint, they are better off not doing anything to salt or shovel their walk because you cannot be liable for failing to salt or shovel their walk, but they can be liable if they do a bad … Read More

Support for Our Built to Fail Report

We are not the only ones who think that the way that the nursing home industry handles its money has a negative impact on patient care. It’s something that we discuss in great detail in a report called Built to Fail which is available for free download in the Resource Center. The upshot of the report: that nursing homes are … Read More

Why is liability insurance important in a car accident case?

One of the first questions you are likely to be asked when you meet with a personal injury lawyer after an auto accident is, “Did the other driver have insurance?” And the answer to that question is one which drives a lot of the action that follows. The goal in every personal injury case must be to obtain compensation for … Read More

Flying Blind with Worker’s Compensation Cases

“Flying blind” is a term that comes from flying a plane when there is little to no visibility and you are forced to rely on the plane’s instruments to pilot the plane, and hopefully, bring the plane in for a safe landing. It is something that is fraught with danger – the chances are much higher of flying into the … Read More

Why accidents in nursing homes are almost never really “accidents”

One of the basic promises that a nursing home makes when they accept someone as a resident is that they will do what is necessary to keep them safe and to prevent unnecessary injuries or declines in their overall condition. It isn’t just something that is promised – it is actually something that is required by federal regulations. Most of … Read More