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Deadlines You Need to Know About: Guide to Statutes of Limitations

A statute of limitation is a deadline for filing a lawsuit after an accident. If you don’t meet that deadline, you will be barred from collecting any compensation, including medical expenses and lost wages. This free report, available for immediate download spells out … MORE

How Much is My Case Worth? How Lawyers and Insurance Companies Evaluate Cases for Settlement

One issue that accident victims want to know about is what a fair settlement would be for their case. Here is the quick answer: there is no standard settlement for any type of accident or injury. In this free report, we spell out the whole process … MORE

Built to Fail - How the Nursing Home Business Model Causes Injury and Death for Patients

Nursing homes are one of the few explicitly for-profit segments of the health care industry. This free report walks you through how the nursing home business model affects the care that residents get in nursing homes and why tragic …. MORE

5 Words You Never Want to Hear After an Accident

Payment of medical bills is an important issue for every accident victim to address. Having unpaid medical bills can add tons of stress to an already difficult situation. However, there are 5 words that if you hear at the hospital or doctor’s office ….  MORE

Myths & Mistakes: How Accident Victims Wreck Their Own Personal Injury Cases

No one plans to get into an accident. When it happens – and it can happen to anyone – you can be left in a world of hurt. Unplanned medical expenses, loss of work, time spent getting medical care, dealing with the insurance company …  MORE

A Framework for Prosecuting Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect Cases

Most of the bad things that happen to nursing home residents such as falls, bed sores, and other adverse events aren’t truly something that happens in a flash moment in time. Instead, they are almost always …  MORE

Representing Victims of Serious Car Accidents

Car accidents often seem like simple legal matters. And in many cases, they are. However, each year, there are a relatively small number of accidents which cause lifelong consequences. For victims of those accidents …  MORE

Insurance Company Tactics

When you are involved in an accident, you will be dealing with an insurance company which has the power to decide whether a settlement offer will be made, when it will be made, and if so, for how much. In this report, we discuss the 9 secret tactics …  MORE

Picking the "Right" Nursing Home for Your Parent

Having to select a nursing home to admit your parent or other relative is an amazingly difficult task. Making things more difficult, bad things happen even in "good" nursing homes. So how do you …  MORE

7 Signs Your Worker's Comp Case May Be Headed for Trouble

Too many injured employee trust their employers to look after their interests after an on-the-job injury and decide to proceed without getting quality legal help. Often the first time people think about getting legal help is when …  MORE

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